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Well, this has been a heavy week. My heart is breaking for the families and communities in Florida affected by pain and death. As we watched interviews from young kids telling us of their teachers who were hero's and good friends who are gone, I couldn't help but cry. I just wanted to say that we are praying for you -- for anyone who might feel the sting of death. 

Like usual on Friday, I'm sharing a few of my favorite finds with you today that I thought you might want to know about!
1. These booties that I grabbed last fall on sale are on sale now for even less! I'd size down a 1/2 size. Nordstrom's Winter Sale is happening now!

2. This maxi dress is a favorite of mine because it's so simple, but such a great staple! It's on sale now and comes in a bunch of colors. Perfect for fall and spring with a denim jacket and of course, it's perfect for summer!

3. It's a goal of mine to be consistent in working out. One thing that helps me with this? Cute work out clothes ;) These workout pants are adorable. I love the mesh detail! This top is super fun, too. Wait till you see the back!

4. I am absolutely in love with this blush flowy top!! And it's under $20. I have no idea how! It looks so expensive. 

5. I found some really cute graphic tees, a lot of them are on sale. I love these for spring! Just throw a sweater over it and pair it with some cute denim-- you're good to go!

6. Okay girls, if you're not using a face oil yet, you should be!! It's so important to our skin's health, elasticity, brightness, skin tone, and complexion to replace the oil on our skin after washing it off, with a really good oil. I love all three of Beautycounter's oils (Brightening, Plumping, and Balancing). They are great for different things. I get a lot of emails from readers who are wondering about what to put on their skin if they have uneven skin tone or struggle with acne. The balancing oil is PERFECT for that! You put it on your clean skin mixed in with your moisturizer or before your moisturizer. Whatever you like best! This really helps hydrate your skin, too. 

The difference I find in my skin since using an oil is incredible!

8. So I've been on the hunt for more safe nail polish options recently, because I always have polish on my nails and I can't imagine they're great for you ;) One of the top rated more natural companies is called Butter LONDON and they are "8-free" which means they don't contain 8 of the worst chemicals usually found in nail polish (incase you're interested they're  Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluen, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, and TPHP). I have a few of these colors and I do love them! They stay on great and are beautiful colors. Right now I'm loving this purple tone!

Alrighty, that's it for this week. Hope you enjoy your weekend! Ours will be spent doing our taxes...womp womp.

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Valentine's Day Makeup Day to Night + Giveaway!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!! Whatever your relationship status is, I hope you know that you are SO loved! To celebrate Valentine's / Galentine's Day, I thought I'd share the love and host a little giveaway of a few of my favorite things. 
You all probably know I've been switching over all my cleaning and beauty products to products with safer ingredients over the past few months. I was so glad when I found Beautycounter and actually fell in love with their products! I joined the team back in October and have had so much fun being a consultant (trying to be a non-salesy one at that! ;)), but the best part is I see a huge improvement in my skin's overall appearance and I feel great about what I'm putting on it. 
Today I'm sharing my simple steps for taking my look from day to night, perfectly Valentine's Day ready, as we head out to a fun interactive cooking class dinner tonight!
During the day I have some client design appointments, but tonight I'll be throwing on extra blush, some winged eyeliner, curling my lashes a bit extra, swabbing one more coat of mascara on, and layering my favorite lip sheer with my favorite lip gloss! It'll take all of 3 minutes to touch up and be ready to head out the door.
Blush I apply to the apples of my cheeks. (I have Bloom / Tulip shade and adore it)

When it comes to curling my lashes, I do it once before applying any mascara, and then again after my mascara has totally dried, so that I get the most lift possible! I just picked up this great eyelash curler at Target the other day. It's gold, which means I had to have it ;)

I apply my eyeliner, then put on mascara (in which I brush it on top and on the bottom of my lashes to make sure they're fully coated). I use the Volumizing Mascara and really like it. I do not like the Lengthening one (it's waterproof = difficult to get off and smaller brush), so just a heads up!

When I'm trying to spice things up a bit, I like to go bolder with a lip color, so I am layering this Rose lip sheer (just a little thiner than a normal lip stick) with my Peony lipgloss. 

So, that's my look! Now for the fun Valentine's Day giveaway! I'm giving away either a blush color of your choice or lip gloss color of your choice to one winner! Enter below:

All you have to do is sign up for my Safer Beauty Tribe newsletter where you'll get some helpful info about safe beauty and skin products in your inbox only once a month! If you're already signed up but want to be entered to win, please still sign up with the rafflecopter tool below! It helps me keep track of entries :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway will end this Monday and be announced Tuesday. Good luck!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
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The Short List 7

I'm back today with one of my favorite Series: The Short List! This is where I share what's going on in our lives a little bit. If there are ever other questions you want me to cover, just leave them below and I'll add it in next month!

What We're Watching: Well, along with half the country (probably!) we watched This Is Us this last week and omg. So emotional. We just love this show! Not because we love being sad, but because we love the realness and emotion. I think everyone can relate to something in the show. As you know, my husband lost his father 2 years ago, so the last two episodes were pretty tough to get through, but they were actually really good to watch at the same time as being hard.
ALSO, really guilty confession: I watch a show called Married at First Sight. It's as crazy as the title makes it sound ;) Basically, a ton of people apply for the show, experts match 3 couples together to follow for an 8 week show. The first time the couples meet is at the alter (!!!) and then they do life together, as a legally married couple for 8 weeks. They go on a honeymoon, move in together, meet each others families, etc. The experts pair them together based on personality traits and past experiences. It's essentially an arranged marriage, which I'm completely fascinated by. At the end of the 8 week, they can chose to stay married or get a divorce. Quite a few couples over the years have stayed together and one couple just welcomed their first baby. Crazy that this can work! It's very intriguing to me. 

What I'm Using Most: Well let's see...I wear my Hunter boots with inserts (still not warm enough in these temps, but practical!) anytime I go take the dog outside. If it's for a long period, I wear my Uggs. I'm also wearing leggings prettyyy much every day, even if I don't go to the gym because #winter.

For my business, I use AutoCAD and Photoshop daily to help create to-scale drawings and renderings for my clients.

For my makeup routine, I have been washing my face with this rejuvenating cleanser, which smells like apricot, and then since I've been peeling a bit since my facial last week (which is actually good!) I have been putting coconut oil on my face when I wake up, so that it's absorbed by the time I shower and get ready for the day. I'm done peeling today, so it really helped restore and nourish the skin. I'm also obsessed with this Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. The days I do go to the gym, I can just wear this and feel like I have a little coverage.

As for my hair routine, which I'll be sharing more about soon, I am using Aveda Shampoo & Conditioner, Surface Protein Cream after I get out of the shower, this Bassu oil in the ends of my hair before blow drying and this favorite root lift. I feel like I've finally figured out my favorite routine!

What I'm Cooking: This week we got our Blue Apron delivery! Hallelujah. I love not having to go grocery shopping or meal plan ;) I also recently made breaded parmesan chicken tenders and my new favorite veggie (thanks to my friend Allison) is green beans with toasted almonds on top and a crank of sea salt. I have TWO invites left, if you want to try 3 meals for free, comment with your email below.

What's on My Desk: So many design projects! Wednesday is my third meeting with a new family who I'm helping design a new construction home for. It's right on a lake, it's going to be beautiful! And this is the inspiration for their kitchen. I love that they want to go bold!!

faucet / drawer pulls / color: Sherwin Williams-- Cascade

Looking Forward to: Valentine's Day and our cooking class tomorrow night! I love that we're doing something interactive. 

What I'm Wishing: FOR SPRING! This part of the year is really, really hard for me in Michigan. I just plain don't like it. 

What We're Reading: Well, for my Bible study quiet time I'm reading through Judges. I'm also reading 31 Prayers for My Husband. Like I mentioned a while ago, I'm going to be starting A Lifegiving Home soon! I'd also love to read something fictional. Anyone have any good chick flicks? 

What Lincoln is up to: he's been so sweet the last week or so! I feel like he mighttt be calming down and (hopefully) becoming less "puppy" with his energy ;) I taught him a new trick with a treat a few weeks ago. He knows how to "leave it" until I say "OK"! We also discovered he can jump up onto our bed now with no problem haha. I do feel slightly bad for him, since it's been so cold, he really hasn't gotten enough walks from his mama. When it is decent outside (aka not in the teens and snowing) we do try to take him to the local dog park, which he loves. I also took him to doggy daycare this last week since it'd been WAY too cold to go outside and he needed some interaction. I love taking him there, because he's SO tired when he gets home! Here he is in his little rain coat...ha! I'll never get over how funny this is to me. He hates it so much, but when it's snowing or raining, it's really helpful!

I'd love to know some of your answers in the comments!

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DIY Heart Garland: Valentine's Day Craft

One of my goals this month was to do one craft for Valentine's Day. I haven't done a craft or DIY project in a veryyy long time, so I was half dreading and half looking forward to this goal! Well, this last week I looked into my paper, cards, bows and ribbon drawer and found all the fixings for a simple and sweet craft project. I didn't have to buy a single thing to make a cute (SUPER EASY) heart garland. Let's be honest, a kindergartener could do this, which makes it the perfect craft for kids!
You'll need: cute patterned paper (mine is cardstock from Hobby Lobby that I originally picked up to make a photo album guest book for my friends' 2 year old girl's adoption and birthday party!), scissors, string or ribbon, tape and a hole punch.

I simply cut my patterned cardstock paper into squares, then folded them in half to cut out my heart shapes. I made 16 hearts for about 2.5' of string.

I happened to have this cardstock with gold foil on it and I'm so glad I did! It makes for such a pretty and more 3-dimensional garland.

Then I tied the end piece in a knot so all the hearts wouldn't slide off.

Next I hole punched the left corner of all my paper hearts.

Then strung them along, spacing out the patterns!

I taped it to the wood sign hanging in our living room.

Even my husband said he liked it (after I showed it to him, since he didn't notice it at first haha!) and it adds a little touch of Valentine's Day love.
If you have some paper laying around, maybe you should try this easiest DIY heart garland ever!

Also, PSA to everyone: you've GOT to make these oven pancakes on Valentine's Day! It's been our tradition for the past 3 years and I love it so much. My husband even said this week, without me reminding him of the tradition, "are you going to make those fluffy pancakes in the skillet this week?!" YES. Yes, I am. They're really easy and you probably have everything you need, aside from fruit, in your pantry.
Happy Monday
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