Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day in the Life

One of the blog post topics I got asked to do multiple times in my reader survey at the beginning of the year was a Day in the Life post, showing a typical day in my week. I thought it'd be a fun one, since I haven't done this type of post in a while! You can check out this one from when I was in college to see how things have changed ;) The day I documented was a Monday (I think from last week) and I just did normal activities and errands. Wednesday I have work days with my business partner for The Bloom Workshop, so the day looks a lot different. At least once a week I have design client meetings to pick tile, fabrics, or accessories, so those also change up my routine. This is a rough idea of what my days look like when I work from home:

6:30-7am: I wake up to my husband's alarm, but thankfully I fall back asleep pretty easily while he gets ready for work. He always comes back in to give me a kiss before he leaves, which is when I usually start waking up for real...around 8. Then I stay in bed for a bit to really wake up ;)

8:30am- Get out of bed and make my english muffin (with peanut butter!) and tea. I usually have some fresh fruit as well. I've mentioned before that my favorite kind of tea is Cream Caramel Decaf from the TeaHaus, but I also recently tried Vanilla Decaf and Vanilla Rooibos (naturally decaffeinated) and they are great, too!

This is when I do my devotional, read a chapter in my current book (Nothing to Prove, if you're wondering!) and check my email on the couch. I reply to anything pressing, then schedule my Facebook post(s) for the day.

10am: It's usually around then that I grab my planner and write out everything I need to get done for the day. If it's a Monday, which it was when I did these pictures, I also write out any events in my planner that are going on during the week. For the day tasks, I write out any appointments and then any interior design client names that need my attention that day. I also write my tasks for Bloom.

Since this day was a Monday, I also meal planned. Ideally this would be done with my husband on a Sunday, but sometimes we run out of time and then the meals are up to me ;) I got this one from Rifle Paper Co. but it's gone now. Such a shame!!

I also rotated the laundry in this time and folded some. Not my favorite thing, but it's got to get done! ;)

10:30am- I get ready for the day!

11:30am- Head to the grocery store, which in this case was the normal market and Trader Joe's.

Two of my TJ's favorites: chocolate chip cookie dough and cranberry apple juice:

1pm- After putting away my groceries and having lunch myself, I start working for the rest of the afternoon. I've already answered emails in the morning, so by now I'll usually have a few more to respond to, then it's client design time!

I also ALWAYS have my water bottle by me, because I try to drink a ton of water throughout the day. Always with a lemon in it, too! PS. You may notice the G chat screen on my email...that'd be a chat with my husband-- just checking in on each other's days. Love doing this, so we feel connected throughout the day even when we're not together.

Space planning for a client's office rug and furniture in Auto CAD.

Sometimes I do freelance floor planning for event planners who need my assistance in space planning a wedding reception. This one was for a 180 guest count at my wedding venue, so it was a fun one!

On this day I also had a an e-design Skype consultation.

5-5:30pm- This is when I usually start dinner if I'm cooking that night.

6:30pm- Husband gets home! We eat dinner together and share about the day. I'm a lucky wife, as he usually does the dishes for me while I finish up tomorrow's blog post if it's not done yet!

7:30pm- We'll either read, go for a walk (in the summer!) or sit down to watch a show together. Lately, we've seemed to have a show on every night of the week. Between The Voice, This Is Us (which isn't going to be on until Fall now...SAD!), Designated Survivor, and The Catch we are pretty busy. Ha!

On the day I took these pictures, it was actually the Bachelor finale, so I went to a friend's house for a viewing party. #dontjudgeme

10:30-11pm- Bedtime! Not going to lie, I love bedtime :)

And because it wouldn't be a blog post of mine without a flower picture, here's a picture of the ranunculus I picked up at the grocery store on the day I took these pictures. Isn't she lovely?! Still alive and thriving as I type this, too!

What's YOUR day look like?!

Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Entertaining & Hosting Tips for Your Next Gathering

Last Thursday I had a bunch of my sweet girlfriends over for a Noonday Collection Jewelry party. I shared about this company's mission in this blog post and showed you how gorgeous all their pieces are! Since I absolutely love hosting gatherings, I thought I'd share a few tips I have to make hosting stress-free.

First, I think about my week and plan when I'm going to clean what. I don't want to do it all in one day, or else I often feel really overwhelmed. A few days before, I have my husband pick up his things and put away any clothes or mail that needs to be be stowed. Usually I'll clean the bathroom a few days before a party, then just wipe the counters down again on the day of.  I always vacuum and sweep quickly the day before or day of the party. I also usually turn my sofa cushions around and give them a good whack back into shape ;) Just me??

Another thing I do to decrease day-of stress is plan what I'm serving and make my grocery shopping list a week or so ahead of time.

Food and Drink Party Tips:

- Finger food works great! I still set out little appetizer plates. These are the ones I have. They were one of the best things I registered for!
- I usually stick with cheese and crackers and a bit of fruit (grapes are perfect because you can cut them into small bunches for people to take!)
- I find a mixture of salty & sweet foods are the perfect mix. For this, I did Trader Joe's caramel & cheddar popcorn, pretzels, cheese and assorted crackers, french bread (this always goes first!), grapes and my all-time favorite cream cheese with Trader Joe's pepper jelly on top. It's a crowd favorite! Then simple cookies and mini cupcakes for dessert.
- I try to vary the heights and container shapes that hold the food items. You can see I used a cake stand for desserts, a wide platter for the crackers, a taller bowl for the popcorn, and smaller platters for the other items.
- Always have a separate drink station for water and non-alcoholic drinks. I put this on the kitchen counter. See below with pink cups and sparkling pink lemonade.
- A mix of red and white wine is my go-to. Something for everyone!
- Before the party, I set out all my platters and think about what is going to go on each platter. That way, when it's time to set food out, I'm all organized and ready to go.

Before a party, I always run my diffuser with some nice smelling oils! It's a great way to refresh the smell of the place. I love mixing Fir Tree, Citrus Bliss and Grapefruit. It smells like Anthropologie-- yum! I also make sure not to light any candles near the food. Sometimes that competes with the smell of the dessert or makes it hard for people to reach across the candle to get their food ;)

In the bathroom, I do a few things:

- A fresh towel is always a must! These are the hand towels we have and I love them.
- Make sure the soap is filled
- A vase with a flower or two (I stuck three ranunculus that had broken stems in a small vase and filled the water all the way up. Viola!)
- I leave a candle lit in the bathroom during any get togethers. This is one of my favorites (love the panjore lychee, and huckleberry). I also leave out a lotion and make sure my jar with q-tips is filled. As far as I'm concerned, anything out on my counter is fair game to my guests!
- Refill the toilet paper in the rack that hangs on the bathroom wall.

Fresh blooms for a party are a no-brainer! I usually put a few stems in a bunch of different cups and vases to put around the house. I love putting the vases where our eyes rest often. For example, one by the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, the coffee table or the drink bar. These ranunculus were incredible, I just couldn't pass them up! Only $5.99 :)

Since this was a jewelry party, I cleared out the second shelf of my bookcase to use as a space for the jewelry display. Instead of bringing in an additional table and taking away valuable floor space, I made what I had work. Don't mind our thermostat on the wall ;)

long necklace -- LOVE this one :) 

earrings  1 / earrings 2 / earrings 3 

Hopefully these hosting tips help you the next time you entertain! If you see something you like on Noonday's website and want to purchase it, you are joining together with me and a bunch of other women in helping give jobs to women in vulnerable countries-- so thank you! At check out, just put my name (Michaela Beel) in the hostess section so they know I sent you over :)

Happy Monday!


Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Finds: St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I love the color green, so I couldn't help but post some lovely green inspiration!





Oh I love green velvet couches!

In honor of the holiday, I collected a few green pieces I loved, most of which are on sale (and come in other colors, too, incase green isn't your fave!)

Here are a few non-green items for you ;) I'm loving all the new dresses, sandals / wedges and tees! Come on, Spring!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Ours is the most jam-packed weekend we've had in a while. Hopefully we get through it :)



Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Big Boy Room Bedroom Design

One of my goals this year is to share more of my client designs with you on the blog. I share sneak peeks on Instagram, but I also want to blog the design process! Today I'm showing you a design I created for a client who just moved into a new build construction home. I've been working with their family for a few years, so you might remember the nursery I did for a set of boy + girl twins last year. This "big boy room" is for the baby boy twin...he got his own room at the new house! Because of this, we set out to create a more "boy" room for him, since the other nursery was gender neutral because of sharing with his sister.

As I've said many times before, I love designing nurseries, so I had a lot of fun with this project! We are doing a planes, trains and automobile themed room, which will be seen in the artwork on the walls. The walls will be painting a gray/blue color, so the neutral furniture will accent that nicely. Below is what I came up with:

DETAILS | Bookcase / Dresser / Baskets for Dresser / Trunk / Baskets for Storage / Beanbags / Adventure Pillow / Vintage Name Pillow / Chevron PillowCars Art / Airplanes / Lamp 

With kids' spaces, storage is key, so I gave the family lots of options. The cute customizable trunk, storage baskets to put in the corner, and a dresser with storage cubbies are going to be really functional. The bookshelf will also come in handy for storing and organizing...well, books! By mixing the warm wood tone of the bookshelf with the white dresser and gray trunk, it creates interest and avoids the "matchy" look. The crib is also white, so that will flow well with the dresser. We're infusing a bit of navy and a lighter blue to give it the "boy" feel, of course.

Hopefully it's baby approved! :)

* If you're interested in my design services, I'd love to hear from you! From one-hour consultations, to virtual designs, inspiration boards, and full service design, we'd be honored to help you make your house feel like a home. Please email me at hello@michaelanoelledesigns(dot)com for pricing and packages. I'm now taking clients for April.

Happy Tuesday!

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